Ford Teams Up With Domino's For Self Driving Delivery

The future is closer than drivers in the Beloit area may think and your pizza may be delivered without a driver. Ford and Domino's Pizza have teamed up to do an industry-first partnership to learn more about how the role a self-driving vehicle could play in pizza delivery.

Autonomous or self-driving car studies have been recently exploding around the country but this is the first study that involves pizza delivery. Ford and Domino's are looking to see how customers across the Baltimore area react and interact with self-driving cars. Another way that Ford is making pizza delivery even more futuristic is by using the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The research project will get underway soon with randomly selected Domino's customers having the option to get their pizza delivered by the Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Research Vehicle. The vehicle will be manually driven by a Ford safety engineer as well as researchers. If you agree to participate in the study you will be able to track the delivery though and upgraded Domino's GPS Tracker. You will also receive text messages when the vehicle is arriving. The system will text you a unique code to unlock the Domino's Heatwave Compartment to retrieve your pizza.

While we don’t have any self-driving Ford Fusions here at Donnell Ford of Salem, we have a great selection of new Ford Focus and Escape models for you to test drive. We are proud to serve drivers from Columbiana to Lisbon, Ohio with all of their automotive needs.

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