Compare the Ford Explorer to the Chevy Traverse

Our Popular Ford Explorer Takes on the SUV Competition

A legendary model from a legendary, American carmaker, the Ford Explorer has been a go-to choice for drivers in the Lisbon, OH area for a long time. With three rows of seating, the Explorer is perfect for Ohio families of all sizes, and it's available right here at Donnell Ford of Salem.

The Ford Explorer can be configured with five different trim levels, three different engines, and in either all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. It seats seven people comfortably, and is the perfect mid-range size that's easier to drive and park than a giant SUV, but roomier and more spacious than a subcompact crossover.

While the Ford Explorer is a versatile, high-quality choice for our customers throughout Leetonia, we also know that it's not the only family-friendly, three-row SUV vying for your attention. If you're considering a Ford Explorer, and the Chevrolet Traverse is also catching your eye, let us help make your decision easier. We've compared these two similar models side-by-side, and number-by-number, to see how they stack up. We think you'll agree, the Ford Explorer has a little more to offer than the Chevy Traverse, and it comes out ahead in several key areas.


The Ford Explorer vs. the Chevy Traverse

  • Engine availability. Both of these SUVs have multiple engines available for drivers to choose from, including a non-turbocharged V6 and a turbocharged four-cylinder. However, only the Ford Explorer also gives drivers a third option, in the form of a turbocharged V6 engine. Plus, the more-powerful options are available on multiple Explorer models, while only one Traverse trim is eligible to receive that model's more-powerful, turbocharged choice.
  • Base model selection. For Columbiana drivers who prefer an entry-level model, as opposed to a more-expensive, upper level, the Ford Explorer gives you more bang for your buck, and more options for your budget. That's because the base model Chevy is only a made-to-order model with limited availability, and it's strictly a front-wheel drive model, while the Explorer entry level trim can be either front or all-wheel drive. Both base models are equipped similarly in terms of tech and safety features, but, with the Chevy Traverse base model's limited availability, most driver's will have to splurge for an upper level to get behind the wheel of that SUV.
  • Passenger space. While both of these three-row SUVs measure roughly the same overall, the Explorer allows more room for you, and your passengers, with a little more legroom available in both the front and rear seats of the Explorer.
  • Safety features. While a suite of advanced, sought-after safety features is available as a package on just about every Ford Explorer, with the exception of the base model, the Chevy Traverse only offers them on its topmost expensive models. These advanced technologies include many of the modern day features that will get you to your destination safely, such as automatic high beam control, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert system, traffic-adapting cruise control, land departure warning with intervention, and automatic windshield wipers.

See the Ford Explorer in Action for Yourself near Alliance

The best way to see what sets the Ford Explorer apart from the competition, is to browse our collection, and test drive one for yourself in Salem, OH. Stop by and visit us soon, and let our sales team set you up behind the wheel of one of our stellar Explorer models. We're conveniently located near East Palestine and Beloit, and we look forward to explaining in-depth what makes our Explorer the best family SUV around.

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