Compare the Ford F-150 to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500


Our Favorite Truck, the Ford F-150, Takes on the Competition

The Ford F-150 we have available Donnell Ford of Salem has withstood the tests of time. It started out four decades ago as a groundbreaking, powerful truck everyone wanted to drive, and it still remains an innovative, popular choice today. Our customers in the East Palestine and Beloit area regularly make the trip to visit us and take the F-150 home for their daily work and family needs.

But, as versatile and easy-to-drive as the Ford F-150 is, we know there are other, similarly-sized, pickup trucks out there vying for your attention. Here, we've pit our beloved F-150 against a competing model from another reputable American car company. As you can see, while both the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 have a lot to offer Alliance and Leetonia drivers, the F-150 comes out ahead of the competition in several key areas.


The Ford F-150 vs. the Chevy Silverado 1500

  • Power. Although both the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Silverado 1500 offer drivers a range of choices for how they want their truck powered, including a V6 engine or an impressive V8, the Ford will give you more oomph and get-up-and-go than the Chevy every time. For example, the base engine V6 for the F-150 puts out 290 horsepower, compared to 285 horsepower for the Silverado, and the upgraded V8 for the Ford offers 395 horsepower, compared to 355 horsepower for the Silverado V8. Plus, the F-150 also has more optional engines available, including a new diesel and a turbocharged, 375-horsepower V6.
  • Cab styles and space. Both of these trucks give Salem, OH and Alliance drivers the option of cab style, including a four-door crew cab, an extended double cab with smaller backseat, and a regular cab with no backseat. While similar in dimensions overall, the Ford F-150 tends to give you, and your passengers, a little more space inside. Looking at the crew cab style, for example, the F-150 gives more shoulder and elbow room to spread out in, and it has more backseat legroom and headroom than the crew cab Silverado 1500.
  • Configuration options. The Ford F-150 is a highly-customizable pickup truck. Between the various cab styles, trim levels, and bed lengths, it's fairly easy to get your F-150 equipped to work exactly how you want it. Plus, Ford has a number of optional equipment packages and additional features that can be ordered to further perfectly outfit the Ford. The Silverado 1500, on the other hand, also has a selection of trims, cab styles, and bed lengths to choose from. However, customizing the Silverado is more difficult because some cab styles are only available on certain trims, and not all bed lengths can be ordered with every cab or trim. The extra packages for the Silverado are also hard to sort out sometimes, with not all options available across all models.
  • Utility. Have heavy loads to haul or tow? The F-150 is the truck for you. It can tow anywhere from 11,800 pounds to nearly 13,000 pounds, depending on your configuration, and it can haul up to 2,080 pounds in its bed. The Silverado, on the other hand, has a maximum towing capacity of 11,700 pounds, and a top hauling ability of 1,840 pounds.

Shopping for a New or Used Ford F-150 Pickup Truck in Salem, OH

Ready to see why so many drivers in Ohio, and across the country, choose the Ford F-150 time and time again? Stop by and visit our showroom on Continental Drive, and let our sales team show you firsthand everything about the F-150 that makes it dominate in any competitive showdown.

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